How to make a new project in Eclipse IDE

To make a new project in Eclipse IDE, we have to first download and install the Eclipse IDE to the system. To download the Eclipse IDE, you have to go to its official site. There you will find its latest version for different operating systems like Windows, Macintosh etc.

To download the latest version of Eclipse IDE.Click Here

After downloading and installing the Eclipse IDE on the system we can start making projects in it.

So, let’s get started.

Creating a new project in Eclipse IDE

Firstly open the Eclipse IDE.

eclipse splashscreen

It will take some time to load all the files and libraries. And after a while, a window will be shown like below. Then to make a new project, at top left corner of the window go to File -> New -> Java Project.

Eclipse IDE

Then a small window will be open, which will ask the name of the project. After giving the name of the project click next and then finish.

Eclipse IDE

The new project is created but it is empty, so we have to create a java file in this project.

Eclipse IDE

Creating a new file in Eclipse IDE

Now to create a new java file, firstly left click on the project name and then go to New -> Class.

Eclipse IDE

A new small window will be open in which the name of the java class is asked. After giving the name of the java class, check the option which reads “public static void main(String[] args)” and then click finish.

Eclipse IDE

And the java class is created. Now you can make some good projects.

Eclipse IDE

Now you can make cool projects like BreakOut, PingPong etc.

So, get started with coding and make some good projects in it. And if you find any problem, you are most welcome to comment below.

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