How to make a project in NetBeans IDE

To make a new project in NetBeans IDE, we have to first download and install the NetBeans IDE to the system. To download the NetBeans IDE, you have to go to its official site. There you will get its latest version with some bundle options.

Click here to download Netbeans IDE.

After downloading and installing the Netbeans IDE on the system we can make good projects in it.

So, let’s start with How to make a new project in NetBeans IDE.

Making a new project in Netbeans IDE

Firstly open the NetBeans IDE.

Netbeans IDE splashscreen

It will take some time to load all the files and libraries. And after a while, a window will be shown like below. Then to make a new project, at top left corner of the window go to File -> New Project.

new project in NetBeans IDE

Then a small window will open, which will ask what type of java project you want to make. So here firstly select java in the categories panel and then select java application from projects panel and at last click next.

new project in NetBeans IDE

Now a new small window will be shown here you will be asked the name of the project and location of the project where you want to save the whole project data. After providing the required information, click finish.

new project in NetBeans IDE

And your project is made. You will be shown a window with some code in it. This window shows the main class of the project just now project in NetBeans IDE

So, we had made a project, now let’s see how to make a new file.

Making a new file in Netbeans IDE

To make a new file firstly go to File -> New File.

new file NetBeans IDE

A new small window will be shown in which there are options for which type file you want to create. So, choose Swing GUI Forms option in Categories panel and JFrame Form option in File Types panel and then click next.

new file NetBeans IDE

Now a small window will open in which it will ask the name of the file and location and also package. Leave the project, location and Package as it is. And click finish.

new file in NetBeans IDE

Now a window will open in which a frame is provided and also a pallet is given from which the components are dragged into the frame so that the application can be made visually.

new file in NetBeans IDE

After the components are being dragged into the frame, it looks like the picture shown below. Where a textbox and a button is dragged to the frame.

new file in NetBeans IDE

Like this, you can make many interactive applications. So get started and if you find any problem please comment below.

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