Python Program to Calculate Simple Interest

In this post, we will be learning how to write a Python Program to Calculate Simple Interest of the given values of Principle, Time and Rate.

The formula to Calculate Simple Interest

To calculate S.I, we have a formula:-

S.I = (P*R*T)/100
S.I represents Simple Interest,
P represents Principle,
R represents Rate (annually),
T represents Time (in years).


# Taking an input for principle (p)
p = float(input("Enter the principle: ")) 
# Taking an input for rate per year (r)
r = float(input("Enter the rate: "))
# Taking an input for time (t)
t = float(input("And Enter the time(in years): "))

# formula for Simple Interest (si) is (p*r*t)/100
si = (p*r*t)/100

# printing the simple interest
print("The S.I is",si)


Enter the principle: 5000
Enter the rate: 5
And Enter the time(in years): 2
The S.I is 500.0

That was all about this program. If you find any problem you can comment below.

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